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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Obnoxious Fashion Hybrid Words

In today’s sales post, you may have noticed that “shackets” are discounted at Freemans Sporting Club. A shacket is simply a light jacket, but Freemans prefers to label it with a hybrid of “shirt” and “jacket.” Perhaps they want to make you feel like you’re getting something special. Perhaps it’s simply another facet of fashion elitism. Or maybe they’re too busy distressing plaid shirts to be bothered with an extra syllable. But they are hardly the first to do this. Obnoxious made-up hybrid words for fashion items have been around for ages. Because it’s Friday and we felt like it, we made a quiz so you can test your knowledge of these (mostly) unnecessary terms. Can you figure out what these terms are hybrids of?

1. Shootie
2. Jegging
3. Spant
4. Skort (Yes, this is obvious, but it was the original hybrid, so it must be included)
5. Hairring
6. Jort
7. Swacket
8. Tregging
9. Glittens

1. Shootie: An ankle boot; hybrid of “shoe” and bootie.”
2. Jegging: Leggings that look like jeans; hybrid of “jeans” and “leggings.”
3. Spant: Harem shorts; hybrid of “skirt” and “pant.”
4. Skort: An oldie but a goodie, this one needs no explanation; hybrid of “skirt” and “short.”
5. Hairring: Earrings made out of hair; hybrid of “hair” and “earring.”
6. Jort: Jean shorts; hybrid of “jean” and “shorts.”
7. Swacket: A sweater jacket; hybrid of “sweater” and “jacket.”
8. Tregging: Leggings made out of trouser material; hybrid of “trouser” and “legging.”
9. Glittens: Mittens that fold back to reveal glove fingers; hybrid of “glove” and “mitten.”

Now think of all the fun you can have with these: “What are you wearing tonight?” “Oh, hmmm, I was thinking of my Topshop jeggings with those new shooties I got at Oak and that blue swacket I always wear if it’s supposed to be chilly later. Unless you think my spants would go better with that?” If we missed any, let us know in the comments!

Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Obnoxious Fashion Hybrid Words