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Mariah Carey to Launch ‘Forever’ Perfume; Whitney Port Makes Lipstick

You know you want your lips to be that color.

• “I am in a wonderful place right now, surrounded by all the things I love, and Forever captures this moment in time,” Mariah Carey says of her new perfume Forever. That’s great for her, but how does that help the rest of us, surrounded by, you know, cubicles? [WWD]

• Here is a look at the new Twilight makeup palettes. They look just like any makeup palette, but post a video of yourself freaking out and sobbing on YouTube in their honor if you must. [BellaSugar]

• Whitney Port created a shade of hot-pink lipstick for Cargo. No word on when her coordinating cotton-candy–blue eyeshadow is launching. [StyleWatch/People]

• Audrey Tautou: “Being a bit of a tomboy, I do my own make-up really quickly and don’t obsess over products. I only use body lotion about once a year. I’m terrible!” Also, frugal. [My Fashion Life]

• A device that heats up eyelash curlers like curling irons for hair apparently feels like a hot towel on your eyelids. The only problem: It can make lashes too curly. Heavens. [Beauty Snob]

Mariah Carey to Launch ‘Forever’ Perfume; Whitney Port Makes Lipstick