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Naomi’s New Weapon of Choice: The Handbag

We will never understand what motivates people to strap on scuba gear and a rope and swim through unchartered underwater caves, with the very real risk of getting lost or trapped or suffocating. You know, just for fun. Likewise, it’s difficult to understand the desire to risk taking pictures of Naomi Campbell on the street without a body of water or Plexiglas wall to act as a buffer, whatever monetary reward may result. Like spelunking, you may have all the necessary equipment, and an infallible sense of adventure, but emerging unscathed and free of emotional scars is never guaranteed should something go awry. Italian photographer Gaetano Di Giovanni did just this. He now accuses Naomi of scratching his face and hitting him with a handbag on the Sicilian island of Lipari, where she’s vacationing on a yacht with her billionaire Russian boyfriend, Mikhail Prokhorov.

The Daily Mail reports:

Mr Di Giovanni told the Italian newspaper: ‘First she hit with her bag, screaming at me and then she tried to slap me.

’I managed to avoid her - but her nails still got my eye.

Police haven’t received any complaints about the incident, and Campbell’s rep denies the accusations. The photographer was seen following Naomi from a small boat the next day — which is a safer alternative to land, though he still risks bludgeoning by way of projectile cell phone.

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Naomi’s New Weapon of Choice: The Handbag