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See Love’s Next Covers; Dasha Zhukova Pregnant?

• The covers of the next issue of Love are out. They star Sting’s daughter Coco Sumner and unknown musician Alex Hartley, whom editor Katie Grand found on a social-networking site. [Fashionologie]

Jamie Burke on his fling with Kate Moss: “It was really weird, man. My life did change a lot. Hanging with her, I saw firsthand what her life is like, and you wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I suddenly had photographers on my doorstep and the News of the World sending me fake f***ing FedEx so they could get into my building, because they think if they come face to face with you and offer you a huge sum of money, you’ll talk…” [London Evening Standard]

Pop editor Dasha Zhukova is rumored to be pregnant with her billionaire boyfriend Roman Abramovich’s child. [NYP]

• Celebrities like Madonna, Drew Barrymore, Nicole Richie, Kelly Osbourne, and Kim Kardashian are wearing heart-shape sunglasses this summer. Get thee to Canal Street now so you can be just like them. [NYDN]

• Hats have been back since 2005. [WSJ]

See Love’s Next Covers; Dasha Zhukova Pregnant?