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Are Gay Men to Blame for the Fashion Industry’s Problems?

Tracie Egan is a writer for Jezebel who has her own blog, “One D at a Time.” In a post about why she doesn’t fear competition from CocoPerez, Perez Hilton’s new lady fashion site, she offers this aside:

I think that gay men are actually the most to blame for many of the problems in the fashion industry, like the absence of womanly curves on the runway, and the hideous, figure-assaulting trend that is the tent dress, which no women who have tits, and no straight men who have an appreciation for tits, have any use for.

It’s hard to argue that gay male designers perpetuate the “tent”-dress trend any more than female designers or straight male designers. And it’s hard not to admire Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz, who designed some of the most famous tent dresses in recent memory. Elbaz does not design clothes for straight men who “have an appreciation for tits.” As Ariel Levy wrote in her New Yorker profile of the designer, he designs clothes “that a woman wears when she falls in love herself,” not clothes “that will make a man fall in love with the woman who wears [them].”

As for the skinny-model issue, all of the top designers essentially pull from the same group of a couple hundred girls each season, who mostly have 34-inch hips and thighs smaller than arms. So you see the same skinny girls in all the top shows. Also, Marc Jacobs recently put Daisy Lowe, someone who may be slender but much more closely resembles real women than the typical runway fare, in a campaign. And who discovered Lara Stone and made her a star? Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy. The problems with the fashion industry may be many, but it seems unfair to place most of the blame on gay men when there are plenty of women and a handful of straight dudes working in it, too.

Perez Hilton Thinks He Knows What Women Want [One D at a Time via the Frisky]

Are Gay Men to Blame for the Fashion Industry’s Problems?