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Vogue Is So Special They Don’t Have to Cut Back on the European Shows

Vogue isn’t just another Condé Nast title. It’s a special Condé Nast title. The ultimate Condé Nast title. Does the world spend hours and endless newspaper articles obsessing over Glamour? No. It’s all about Vogue. So when Condé has to figure out ways to spend less money, it’s easy for Vogue to ignore those demands and go about their day blowing their noses with twenties (if Vogue editors even blow their noses). Or so the New York Post reports: It seems while Condé titles will probably opt for less expensive hotels and dinners and maybe even send fewer editors to Europe this time around, Vogue’s plans for covering the shows “are precisely as they have always been,” a spokesman said. Though technically, factoring in Anna Wintour’s return to London, they’ve expanded a tad.

When Anna and the team travel, they’re not exactly staying in quaint B&Bs with pilled flannel sheets and looking for cheap shawarma to eat. A source tells the Post, “There are amazing dinners planned every night. All important Condés have a driver for the week, usually a new, black Mercedes.” Anna stays at the Ritz, where a plate of French fries costs $30, while lesser editors stay at the Crillon and the George V. For her usual team of ten people, the operation reportedly costs $250,000, or $25,000 a person. For three weeks of shows, that comes to almost $1,200 per person per day.

Now, maybe McKinsey will tell Vogue to scale back on these things. However, Grace Coddington said they haven’t even spoken to her, so maybe they won’t. But it’s hard to imagine Vogue doing things any differently from the exact way they want to do them. Change will probably have to come from within, of Vogue’s own accord, as they learn to become and operate more like the Little People. But we already see it happening! First they started looking at price tags. Then Anna Wintour decided to go to Queens and Brooklyn in the same day next month. She even spoke to every reporter on the red carpet at the September Issue premiere this week. And André Leon Talley is judging the Miss Universe pageant on Sunday! They’re practically one of their average readers at this point.


Vogue Is So Special They Don’t Have to Cut Back on the European Shows