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Duff, Bynes Make Up for Mischa’s Silence at Hervé Léger

Mischa Barton caused the second frenzy in as many days when she made a front-row appearance at Hervé Léger on Sunday. As she walked out from backstage, we literally saw a woman drop her jaw so vigorously that her gum fell into her lap. If that doesn’t boost a girl’s self-esteem, nothing will.

Regardless of self-confidence, Mischa doesn’t seem to be doing interviews, which means that no one can report anything beyond the basics. Which are namely that (a) as rumored, she does appear less bloated than usual, and (b) she actually looked kind of great in a cleav-tastic black dress. Given her recent hospitalization — which she now claims was due to a really, really bad wisdom-tooth extraction, a far more creative excuse than “exhaustion” — we can understand why she doesn’t want to snuggle up to a bunch of reporters who might not be able to resist the temptation to ask her, you know, what was up with that.

More forthcoming was Hilary Duff, whom we overheard dishing that she’s “a big shopper,” who “loves shoes.” Groundbreaking! We suspect Hilary actually gave all the good gossip to her seatmate, Amanda Bynes. Although we predicted on Thursday that we were eventually going to get so sick of Bynes that we’d vomit all over ourselves (or something along those lines), that’s proved to be a total exaggeration. In fact, Amanda looked downright refreshing, if only because her oversize blazer downplayed the agonizing ubiquity of yet another bandage dress. Once the reporters skedaddled, she and Hilary cozied up and had what looked like a seriously juicy chat, complete with multiple eye rolls and gesticulations from Amanda. Apparently, we’re easily wooed. All it takes is good accessorizing.

Also all bandage-dress-ed-up: Victoria’s Secret model Marissa Miller, who has a lot of hair, in case you were wondering; Peaches Geldof, who could not have looked more bored if she were trapped under a pile of geometry homework; and Mischa’s The Beautiful Life co-star Ashley Madekwe. We didn’t notice Mischa chatting much with her co-worker, either, now that we think of it. Maybe she just isn’t speaking to anyone.

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Duff, Bynes Make Up for Mischa’s Silence at Hervé Léger