party report

FNO by Bicycle With Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos

Look, Ma, no bikes!

While Anna swanned around Queens, the Olsens bartended for the sequined crowds at Bergdorf Goodman, and Alexander Wang taught crowds how to walk a runway, Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos were tucking into some ice-cold PBRs and pedaling their personally tricked-out bikes on a course they’d charted. “We don’t have our own store, so we were trying to think of a way to make [Fashion’s Night Out] work,” said Halmos as he prepared to head uptown. We followed his and Shipley’s movements, on their own bicycles, all night. Herewith, a time line.

6:15 p.m.: Halmos’s bike gets an emergency repair.
6:30: S+H head to Pas de Deux for a quick glass of Champagne.
6.45: Shipley reveals that he and Halmos are secret athletes: “There’s a lot of them out in the fashion world. Robert Geller plays soccer every Saturday; he always invites us.”
7:25: We take off for Barneys in midtown, via First Avenue.
7:40: Sam almost killed by rogue black car as we make a wrong turn onto the Queensboro Bridge entrance ramp.

7:55: Pull up to Barneys — MOB SCENE! Francisco Costa happily offers to sign their FNO T-shirts in front of Calvin Klein.
8:00: S+H drink the only PBRs in a two-mile radius.
8:10: S+H consider getting as many designers as they can to sign their shirts but then think better of it: “At this point, it’s going to have to be Lagerfeld or bust.”
8:15: S+H talk shop with Barneys: “We’re way ahead of last year,” says Halmos. “The stores are really selling it! We’re thrilled,” says Lam Nguyen, men’s sportswear buyer at Barneys Co-op. (He also says fall markdowns won’t start until early December!)
8:20: Women in elevator to S+H: “You know, Mary Kate and Ashley are bartending on 3. We’re going.” S+H, unfazed, continue to ground floor.
8:25: Leaving Barneys. Sam: “This whole thing is a scene out of Zoolander.”
8:30: Indignant woman: “OH, MY GOD, I almost got run over by Shipley and Halmos!”
8:45: RAIN!
9:00: Stop at Billy Reid for oysters — all gone. But the boys breathe easier back in PBR territory.
9:15: Sidetracked from Fashion by Hunger. Try to get the free tacos from the Smile. MOB SCENE! Halmos buys the Cut a burger, God bless him.
9:45: Running late! S+H scheduled to be in the dunk tank in Williamsburg, but FNO is almost over and we still have to go to Odin.
10:10: RAIN! Do we bike over the bridge? Of course.
10:30: Williamsburg! We head over to see what’s left of the Block Party at Bird.
10:40: Disco is pumping, but the booze is out and the bouncers are taking away people’s I.D.’s for being outside.
10:45: S+H tuckered out, the dunk tank long gone.
10:50: Lisa Mayock of Vena Cava is tuckered, too. She just wants her tofu taco. It’s been a long night.
11:05: The Cut sleepily bikes back over the bridge. S+H dissolve into the crowd.

FNO by Bicycle With Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos