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Football IN for Spring 2010

Yesterday Alexandre Herchcovitch showed a football-inspired collection in the tents. The references were pretty obvious in the giant cage dresses that closed the show. Herchcovitch doesn’t get to watch football often in his native Brazil, and doesn’t even have a favorite team or player. So, why this particular sport? “I think because of the colors of the team flags and also because of the volume of the uniforms, the protecting pieces underneath the T-shirts,” he said after the show. “I think it was a great inspiration for a women’s collection.”

Alexander Wang was also inspired by football, though he’s never played. “There were also fencing references, rugby, basically a lot of athleticism,” he told Dazed Digital. “Part of my inspirations lie in things I’m not so familiar with and also things I am familiar with, and it’s a dichotomy between the two and not being restricted by what you know.” Football has never exactly been our thing, but we loved Wang’s collection, and Tom Brady is fun and fashion-y, so why not incorporate a little football into your spring wardrobe? It’s not like you have to watch an entire game. Evidently, designers are doing that for us.

Alexander Wang’s Home Run [Dazed Digital]

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Football IN for Spring 2010