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Fug Girls: Emmy Rossum and Rachel Zoe Fail to Air Kiss at Herrera

Strapless cocktail dresses are a given at Carolina Herrera, but we didn’t expect to see one on a man this morning, much less a man soaked in faux blood and wearing a rubber animal head. But that is exactly what welcomed us to the tents. We know what you’re thinking, but this was not the work of PETA. It was a group called New York Animal Rights, and they could still use a little finessing in their approach. “How many lamb fetuses did you sell? Carolina, what the hell?” the protesters chanted, and, regardless of your feelings about fur, you must agree this slogan lacks the punch of, say, “Hell no, we won’t go.” It doesn’t even scan properly. We suggest something along the lines of, “How many lamb fetuses did you sell? Your blood lust dooms you straight to hell.” Just a suggestion.

Ironically, there was no fur — fetus or otherwise — featured in the show, unless you count Emmy Rossum’s beautiful hair. Rossum was the only celeb we spied in the front row — the woman next to us sighed, at one point, that the place was full of “old society ladies” — but she seemed happy to be there, chatting animatedly with her seatmates and heaving an enthusiastic “Oh my God” with regard to a white gown with a dramatic flared skirt. There was one person to whom Rossum did not speak, however, and that was stylist Rachel Zoe. We were under the impression that Emmy was a client of Zoe’s — they certainly worked together in the past — so when we spied RZ sweep into the tent wearing her trademark giant sunnies and head right toward Emmy, we naturally assumed we were about to witness a tender reunion or, at the very least, a frosty hello. But no. Nary a word was had, nary a wave exchanged. Is it possible that they just didn’t see one another, despite being at most ten feet apart, and when they later discovered the oversight, they laughed and laughed and hugged? Maybe: Rach had to be totally blind wearing those glasses inside. Is it also possible that they’ve had a brutal falling out and are now dead to each other? Well, you know what they say. Anything is possible.

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Fug Girls: Emmy Rossum and Rachel Zoe Fail to Air Kiss at Herrera