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Fug Girls: Kathy Griffin Is A-list at Isaac

It may not surprise you to hear this, considering his recent stint on The Fashion Show, but Isaac Mizrahi’s actual fashion show this afternoon was a bit of a Bravo-ganza, although it was refreshingly Housewife-free. We spotted Isaac’s friend and former host of Tim Gunn Looks Through Your Closet (or whatever it was called) Veronica Webb, Bravo execu-lebrity Andy Cohen, and, most entertainingly, Life on the D-List’s Kathy Griffin.

Kathy swanned in on the arm of Robert Verdi, whom we assume is either her stylist or she just noticed that he was wearing the loudest outfit in a 30-block radius and realized that walking in with a man wearing a hot-pink turtleneck, a bright-yellow trench, and aqua galoshes would get her a ton of attention. But Kathy didn’t really need the help. The press went crazy for her regardless, possibly because she took at least five minutes to pose and preen in front of the photographers’ pit like the second coming of Natasha Poly (in fairness, we must admit that Kathy’s body is kinda bangin’, as the kids say).

After her impromptu photo shoot, Kathy literally had to be escorted by security to get to her front-row seat — the whole situation, as we are sure she would want us to point out, was very A-list — at which point she was swarmed by the media with such enthusiasm that we could only hear every other word she said. Which is a shame, because every other word sounded extremely intriguing. They included: “Daniel Craig,” “outfits,” “Paula Abdul,” “Divas Live,” and “stolen.” We’ve just decided to start telling people that, according to Kathy Griffin, Daniel Craig stole all of Paula Abdul’s costumes for Divas Live. It’s obviously not true, but it ought to land her on “Page Six,” anyway. You’re welcome, Kathy.

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Fug Girls: Kathy Griffin Is A-list at Isaac