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Fug Girls: Without Her Lipstick, Gwen Stefani Is Just Another Gorgeous Woman

Several of the models at the L.A.M.B presentation this afternoon eschewed pants. But they could have been totally naked (or wearing barrels, or modeling gowns made from banana peels) for all that anyone paid any attention to them. Those poor hungry girls played distinctly second fiddle to what was happening in the audience.

We were minding our own business — having some champagne and checking out Gwen’s latest — when we looked over and spied a woman with a complicated platinum pompadour talking to Harper Bazaar’s Glenda Bailey. “Well,” we thought. “She has a lot of nerve. Showing up to a L.A.M.B show dressed like a Gwen Stefani clone. Creepy.”

Maybe not so creepy if, as in this case, you actually are Gwen Stefani. In our defense, Gwen skipped her trademark red lipstick today — how else are we supposed to recognize her? We eventually figured it out when the pale-lipped woman in question sidled up to Gavin Rossdale and patted him affectionately on the ass. If there are any rumors of trouble in paradise for those two, let us put them to rest now: They seem crazy about each other. There was actual canoodling going on. We didn’t even think that happened outside of books.

But Gavin had to share. As soon as people realized that Gwen was really watching her own show from the audience, girlfriend was swarmed. She was a good sport, happily posing for countless cell phone pictures and chatting up several show-goers, but she had to have been surprised by the reaction. After all, Fashion Week is all about appearing completely blasé in the face of both huge celebrity and total craziness. We once went to a show that closed with a lengthy interpretive dance, and no one but us even raised a brow. Surely Gwen didn’t expect this afternoon to turn into a better-dressed version of a backstage meet-and-greet, but at least no one asked her to indulge them with a chorus of “Hollaback Girl.” And the good news is, Gavin managed to entertain himself. The whole time his wife posed for pictures with fans, he took photos of her collection on his Blackberry. That’s love.

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Fug Girls: Without Her Lipstick, Gwen Stefani Is Just Another Gorgeous Woman