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Fug Girls: Alexa Chung Won’t Give the Finger at Lim

Before the Phillip Lim show this afternoon, we randomly found ourselves wondering whatever happened to that girl who won Stylista. Was she still working for Elle? Surely she wasn’t, as once rumored, still dating Alec Baldwin. Apparently, we were inadvertently using the Secret, because she was the first person we saw inside the tent, and she was clutching an Elle-branded microphone. There was nary a Baldwin to be had. Why doesn’t this sort of thing ever happen after we spend lunch idly speculating what Jon Hamm would look like stepping out of our shower?

After marveling at the universe’s uncanny ability to answer our most banal queries with shocking quickness, we actually took a good look around the front row and were rewarded with Lauren Conrad, sporting a gorgeous tan dress and highly enviable gold Loubs. In past seasons, LC has been accompanied by Lo Bosworth or another one of her blonde friends, but today her companion was a PR flack who actually stepped in to prevent Lauren from giving away too much about the sequel to her best-selling YA novel. Once the conversation was safely diverted from LC’s literary pursuits, she was allowed to tell reporters that, as far as she was concerned, “(Lim) can do no wrong.” It seems Lauren has replaced the watchdog of the MTV cameras with one of a different sort, but at least the new version doesn’t come in a package deal with Spencer Pratt.

If Lauren lucked out in today’s wardrobe lottery, Juno’s Olivia Thirlby was less fortunate, appearing in a soft gray suit that unfortunately ended in harem-pants-esque legs that resembled nothing so much as a very pricey pair of sweats. Unsurprisingly, Leighton Meester fared a bit better, even if it was, as she told the room as a whole, her day off. Blair Waldorf wears sweatpants for no man, vacation day or no.

Likewise refusing to compromise was MTV’s Alexa Chung. After snapping a multitude of photos, one of the paparazzi yelled, “Give us the finger!” Instead, Alexa rolled her eyes and just sat down. After all, if you give someone the finger at their request, does it really count as giving them the finger? We’re pretty sure that’s MTV’s version of wondering whether a tree that falls in an empty forest makes a sound, but we’re also convinced that said philosophical musings are better saved for a week when our feet don’t hurt so much.

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Fug Girls: Alexa Chung Won’t Give the Finger at Lim