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Fug Girls: Emmy Rossum and Co. Overdo It at Marchesa

There’s something to be said about heading into a fashion presentation and finding yourself in the middle of one of Harvey Weinstein’s conversations. Especially because we walked in on the following:

HARVEY: It’ll just be me, and all the women, right? [Harvey looks right at us, grins.]

Don’t worry, Harv — we won’t tell Georgina.

It’s certainly true that the Marchesa presentation was packed to the gills with dames. Almost the first thing we saw when we walked into the Chelsea Art Gallery — after Harvey — was Emmy Rossum (yes, again), all decked out in pink satin and marabou feathers, like the human version of a saucy Frederick’s of Hollywood bedroom slipper. Maybe now that her secret marriage is a not-so-secret breakup, she’s trying to sex it up a bit. Keep trying, honey. But maybe not quite as hard as otherwise-gorgeous starlet Emmanuelle Chriqui, whom we spied wearing a full-on gown. We know it’s de rigueur for a celebrity to wear a designer’s clothes to their show, but surely Marchesa has options that don’t make you look like you got lost on the way to an awards show.

Much sassier was Ugly Betty’s Becki Newton, who was wearing a heavily beaded mini cocktail dress that she must have really loved, since we overheard her gushing over a little number that was very similar to the one she was wearing. We do that all the time — although when we do it, it’s over J.Crew cardigans rather than $4,000 frocks. But budgetary differences aside, Becki proved once again that celebrities are just like us: She was hobbling around like her feet were just killing her. Welcome to day six of Fashion Week.

Working her heels with more aplomb was Rachel Zoe, who swept through with Assistant Brad and her husband, Rodger, in tow. She snapped tons of pictures — the Emmys are Sunday, after all — and then booked, as one of the PR girls murmured that she was due to be on TV in half an hour. Less well-cared-for was Connor Paolo, who plays Eric on Gossip Girl. He was still standing in line outside when we left, talking on his cell phone and looking slightly annoyed. Obviously, we were appalled. So maybe Connor wasn’t scheduled to appear live on television within the next 45 minutes. The kid’s still on the Greatest Show of Our Time. Show some respect!

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Fug Girls: Emmy Rossum and Co. Overdo It at Marchesa