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Fug Girls: Michael Douglas and Melania Trump Go Stag at Kors

“The inmates are RUNNING THE ASYLUM,” one of the security guards yelled at the check-in desk at Michael Kors this morning. Everyone ignored him. Although security was weirdly tight — we all had to show photo I.D., which is basically unheard of — the show itself was, as always, utterly civilized. We even spotted Mama Kors treating the entrance like a receiving line, hugging guests and shaking hands.

Inside, as usual, chaos briefly reigned. “Oh, SHIT,” we overheard a girl say as she ran toward Rachel Zoe. “The show is about to start!” It wasn’t, of course, so she had plenty of time to ask Zoe to pose for a picture with her — which Rachel nicely did, despite the fact that, as we all learned on this week’s installment of The Rachel Zoe Project, she hates photos. “I’m sure I look TRAGIC,” she told the girl, but she did not ask for photo approval. After her fans left, Rachel turned to Assistant Brad and sighed, “I’m tired.” We hear you.

Considerably less worn out, we assume, is Melania Trump, who always looks like she just got back from two weeks on some exclusive, fabulous island anyway. We overheard her waxing poetic at length about the many charms of Mr. Kors’s clothes. “He just loves women,” she finished, and we suspect this is probably true.

Sitting in the front was another famous lover of women, albeit a rather unexpected one: Michael Douglas, who appeared to be flying solo, without Catherine Zeta-Jones. We fervently hope there is no trouble in that particular paradise. For what it’s worth, Douglas appeared to be having a ball, chatting up a bunch of other dudes who seemed to be of his own approximate age and wealth and then enthusiastically introducing these dudes to one another. You know he’s fun at parties.

We like to believe that Vogue’s Grace Coddington is fun at parties, too, but she doesn’t seem to be as comfortable being a celebrity as Michael Douglas is. As we filed out of the show, we found ourselves walking next to Grace when two young women sidled up alongside us. “Grace, I just wanted to tell you I think you do an AMAZING job,” one of them said as if to assure her that, no matter how often Anna kills her shoots, there are those of us out here in the world who appreciate her. “Thank you,” Grace said, ever-so-slightly quizzically. America has a crush on you, Grace. You’re just going to have to deal with it.

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Fug Girls: Michael Douglas and Melania Trump Go Stag at Kors