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Fug Girls: Mickey Rourke Steals Max Azria’s Show

We had a moment with True Blood’s Lynn Collins this afternoon at Max Azria. It happened just as Mickey Rourke was brought out to his seat and people collectively lost their minds. As photographers, reporters, and total yahoos alike swarmed, we were shoved nearly into Lynn’s lap. She smiled; we smiled. We rolled our eyes, she rolled her eyes. We exchanged “Isn’t this CRAZY?” looks. We love her now, even if she was wearing crazy black sparkly gloves.

Speaking of crazy, Mickey Rourke looks as satisfyingly nutty as one could hope. Thanks to the mass hysteria, we couldn’t tell if he was wearing his trademark velvet slippers, but he was working a gaudy polka-dot pocket square and … well, we cannot in good conscience say he was “working” his hair, but it certainly was attached to his head. VO5, Mickey. It will change your life.

The good news is that Mickey’s phenomenally damaged locks have not dampened his mojo. The place was a starlet buffet and that man filled his plate. We saw him embracing and/or chatting up everyone from Katrina Bowden (seeming just as dimly bratty as she did at Christian Siriano’s show) to a refreshingly casual-looking Estelle to Fern Mallis to Lucy Liu, who refused to speak to reporters but cheerfully hugged the Rourke.

Parenthetically, we will never understand why celebrities not currently embroiled in some kind of awkward scandal refuse interviews when they’ve already agreed to be photographed in the front row. Liu looked predictably gorgeous, but zipping her lip did her no favors. “Forget it! Who cares about her, anyway?” we heard at least one rejected reporter grouse to another. Our thoughts exactly.

We did, however, care about gymnast Nastia Liukin, who was seated very early and almost wholly ignored by the press. She seemed so lonely down there all by herself that we very nearly ran over and struck up a conversation with her ourselves. Luckily, Nastia was not forced to endure our overtures. She very quickly made friends with one Mr. Mickey Rourke. Just don’t date him, girl. You’ve got enough on your plate.

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Fug Girls: Mickey Rourke Steals Max Azria’s Show