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Fug Girls: Mischa Barton Kicks Off a Frenzy at Lacoste, But Sarkozy’s a No-show

We got to Lacoste this morning at 10 a.m. — cherishing fond memories both of our beds and the coffee we were forced to surrender at the door — and were shuffling, bleary-eyed, toward our section, when we saw something that woke us right up. Taped to one of the prime front-row seats was a sign that said, simply, “SARKOZY.” We feverishly clutched our press passes to our breasts and attempted to catch our breath. Could it be…CARLA BRUNI-SARKOZY? At Lacoste? First thing Saturday morning? With absolutely no security measures in place? Was that possible?

No. But forgive us if, after indulging that flight of fancy, the people who actually did show were somewhat underwhelming. On one side of the runway sat Pixie and Peaches Geldolf with Alice Dellal and her half-shaved head. Collectively, the British threesome looked as though they’d run to the show wearing the clothes they’d worn out Friday night and then slept in, possibly on the floor. Of the subway. None of the girls seemed particularly interested in the show itself, although Alice appeared to enjoy it when two similar-looking models were sent down the runway together wearing matching outfits. Everybody loves twins!

Seated as far as possible from the Brit “It” Girls was Hayden Christensen, who is considerably cuter in person than we would have anticipated, even if he was wearing a slightly goofy cap. Hayden was flying solo this morning, claiming that his fiancée, Rachel Bilson, was “sick.” Considering that Rachel’s official Twitter was updated last night with a healthy-sounding, “evacuate the dance floor,” we wonder if perhaps La Bilson simply wanted a lie-in this morning. Either that, or the dance floor needed to be evacuated before she threw up all over it.

There is a third, totally gossipy and completely speculative option: The other major celebrity guest was Rachel’s former co-star on The O.C., Mischa Barton. Perhaps you’ve heard of her? Back in the day, rumor had it that Mischa didn’t get along very well with the rest of her cast mates. We can certainly sympathize with Rachel if she woke up and decided that she simply could not deal with an allegedly disliked former co-worker, especially one whose presence kicked off a press frenzy so intense that we couldn’t even see the top of Mischa’s head, much less what she was wearing. A taller friend confirmed for us that Barton looked “less bloated” than anticipated. And isn’t that really the most you can hope for on an early Saturday morning, anyway?

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Fug Girls: Mischa Barton Kicks Off a Frenzy at Lacoste, But Sarkozy’s a No-show