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Fug Girls: Monsoon No Match for Celebrity Hair at Preen

If Becki Newton’s appearance was all you had to go on, you’d never know we had to fight our way through a hurricane this morning to get to Preen. The Ugly Betty star was impeccable in a long black blazer and body-con patterned dress, while the rest of us looked more like we’d decided to swim to Milk Studios. Okay, that’s a lie: Nina Garcia looked as well-kept and frizz-free as ever and got almost more attention in the front row than Becky did. Maybe people are just really curious about what it’s like at Lifetime or if she’s been approached to star in an editor-in-peril-themed movie of the week yet. (If so, we hope they ask Michael Kors to play himself.) When she wasn’t fending off reporters, Nina had a little chat with seatmate and socialite Genevieve Jones, who had apparently decided that her best defense against the rain would be a pair of denim overalls. Hey, whatever works.

Seated next to Jones was Cory Kennedy wearing a shirt that appeared to be made entirely out of ancient, musty cobwebs and celebrating the third straight Fashion Week at which she’s prompted people to ask us who she is and what she’s famous for. We haven’t come up with an answer yet. Maybe next season! Across from Cory was the inescapable Leigh Lezark — whose black bob looked as impervious to the elements as ever — and MTV’s Alexa Chung, who appeared refreshingly rumpled and seriously into the show, taking tons of pictures and gesturing enthusiastically toward several skimpy, lace-trimmed dresses. The girl does have to figure out something to wear on TV five days a week. For her, Fashion Week is probably just an extremely well-publicized shopping trip.

Less enthused was supermodel Trish Goff, though it wasn’t the clothes that bothered her. Instead, when one of the models walked past Goff’s front-row seat, we saw her turn to her companion and say, “She’s way too skinny.” We just report these things, but isn’t it nice to know that someone still cares?

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Fug Girls: Monsoon No Match for Celebrity Hair at Preen