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Fug Girls: One Show In, and We’re Already Tired of Amanda Bynes

It’s the first day of Fashion Week and it appears that Anna Wintour is already a little stressed. Before, whenever we’ve skittered past her front-row seat to get to our own less-coveted real estate, La Wintour would be wearing, almost exclusively, an expression of extreme calm and pleasantness. Forced? Maybe — yet effective nevertheless. But today at BCBG, just as we scampered by, Anna yanked out her cell phone. “Hello?” she snapped with a tone we could only describe as, well, crabby. To whomever was on the other end of that call: Our prayers are with you, dude.

But if Anna was perhaps feeling the pressure of tonight’s Fashion’s Night Out events — she does, after all, have to go to Queens — fellow Vogue staffer Meredith Melling Burke was positively bubbly about them. We even caught her modeling her customized FNO T-shirt to a friend: “I made it into a half shirt!” she boasted. Does this mean crop tops are back? We’re scared.

Also looking a bit frightened was Royal Pains star Reshma Shetty, who seemed somewhat nervous and uncomfortable when being led to her front-row seat, but made up for her less-than-confident body language by looking awesome in a raspberry-colored dress. Later, we overheard her telling someone that she was walking in a show that evening, and she didn’t know what shoes they were going to make her wear. No wonder she seemed preoccupied: She was probably having nightmares of face-planting on the runway.

Seemingly having a far better time was pop star Amerie, who had at least ten people come up and greet her enthusiastically. Presumably, they were all telling her how great she looked in her turquoise cocktail frock. They were speaking the truth. Later, Amerie posed for photos with a surprisingly tall Keri Hilson (looking like the mayor of Legville in a super-short skirt), and Solange Knowles, who was brought out from backstage at the very last moment, wearing both a bizarre, rope-covered top and a sour expression that seemed to say, “I wish I hadn’t shaved my head.” We hate to say it, but we have to agree.

Trapped in the scrum on the way out of the show, we found ourselves standing next to the newest Gossip Girl, Joanna Garcia, who seemed to have no such regrets, tonsorial or otherwise. She also looked considerably more patient than we felt, and was extremely nice to the PR girls who were trying to figure out a way to get her backstage without having to go through the huddled, sweaty masses. While waiting for an escape route to reveal itself, Joanna spoke to a reporter about how welcoming the Gossip Girl cast has been to her. “They’ve showed me all around New York,” she said “Everyone is so nice.” Nice and welcoming? How boring. Get back to us when Blake Lively puts Nair in your shampoo bottle or Ed Westwick tries to finagle a threesome, Joanna. Then we’ll talk.

Also spotted: Amanda Bynes, whom we are already incredibly tired of seeing, even though it’s only happened this once; Alexandra and Theodora Richards, who both wore sunglasses inside as though they think they are a certain maybe slightly cranky editrix; actress Lynn Collins, who was apparently in Wolverine, but whom we remember from her being totally naked on season one of True Blood; and Olympic gymnast (and, we’re sure, aspiring designer) Alicia Sacramone, who chomped on a giant wad of gum the entire time. Stay classy, front row.

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Fug Girls: One Show In, and We’re Already Tired of Amanda Bynes