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Fug Girls: Real Housewives More Exciting Than Real Celebs at Jill Stuart

“It’s SOCIAL HYSTERIA out there for the Real Housewives,” our seatmate announced to no one in particular at the Jill Stuart show this afternoon. She wasn’t far off. When we arrived at the Library for the show, there was such a swarm of cameramen and lookie-loos surrounding Bethenny Frankel that we nearly had to crawl between their legs to get to our seats.

Bethenny was wearing what looked like the miniature version of a flamenco dress, at least as far as the cut went: It was very tight in the bust, with a multilayered ruffled skirt that was so short on her left side that we were worried we might see butt cheek (we did not — on her, anyway. The models were a whole different story). The rest of the Housewives present looked much more casual: Jill Zarin flaunted surprisingly great legs in leggings, and the Countess actually wore jeans. We can only imagine their eye-rolling at Bethenny’s getup.

We don’t have to imagine Jill’s eye-rolling at Kelly Bensimon, though, because we lived through it. As we were leaving, we realized we were just about to walk in front of Bravo’s cameras, and it was too late to divert our path, so we pressed onward. We were richly rewarded for this bravery when we heard Kelly give a huge sigh and ask Jill, very patronizingly, “Did you UNDERSTAND that MOMENT?” in her usual Kelly tone, the one she affects at moments where she clearly can’t understand why you’re unable to grasp the profundity of her most recent metaphor about unicorns. We have no idea what THAT was all about, but we can’t wait to hear Jill’s response, which we assume was withering.

After witnessing all this Housewives drama, the actual celebrities seemed sort of boring. They were all so unlikely to have a catfight — even 90210’s Shanae Grimes, who didn’t even seem cranky about finding herself in a totally sheer dress layered over a catsuit. We also spotted Rachel Bilson, clearly recovered from whatever mystery illness kept her from Lacoste on Saturday (the dreaded and highly contagious Barton-itis). Rachel strutted in with Nicky Hilton, whose continued presence at Fashion Week serves primarily to make us wonder where Paris is — not that we’re complaining. Kelly Rowland also attended, continuing her streak of looking insanely cute in person. Also better-looking in the flesh than anticipated? Kim Kardashian, who is both much tinier and considerably more beautiful than we’d been led to believe. And we’re hardly ever nice to her, so here’s hoping SHE understands THIS moment.

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Fug Girls: Real Housewives More Exciting Than Real Celebs at Jill Stuart