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How to Get a Job at Teen Vogue

Despite how un-fun working in fashion appears in movies like The Devil Wears Prada, droves of young women still want to do it. Whereas Teen Vogue editor Amy Astley said they used to tell her they want to be models, they now tell her they want to run a magazine. Teen Vogue recently put together a book about how to break into the fashion industry. According to the Times, it’s basically impossible, unless you happen to have connections or a great stroke of luck to propel you into a highly unglamorous internship at which you’ll perform highly unglamorous tasks like delivering garment bags and organizing shoes. Also, you can’t behave like a princess and borrow your boss’s car without asking, which one intern for designer Victoria Bartlett did, amazingly, on more than one occasion.

If, for a few years and little to no pay, you shed the attitude and do grunt work like your life depends on it, a fashion company might hire you when you graduate. And if you want to work at Teen Vogue, know this:

Ms. Astley recalled a recent job applicant who was clearly unqualified to work at her magazine.

So making it in fashion is all about determination, common sense, and Twilight. Like most things in life.

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How to Get a Job at Teen Vogue