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Lindsay Lohan Working Hard at Ungaro in Advance of Runway Show

On Sunday, Emanuel Ungaro presents its spring 2010 collection in Paris. It will be the first under artistic adviser — a title that might never hurt to type before this name — Lindsay Lohan, and designer Estrella Archs. In addition to “kind of [overseeing] everything [Archs] does,” Ungaro CEO Mounir Mouffarige hired Lindsay because she is a walking advertisement for the brand. Publicity without the help of a publicist! But Lindsay must be working overtime, sacrificing sleep and fun and time with her friends and family, because it seems she is now going above and beyond her job description and literally acting as a publicist for the label. In several carefully crafted Tweets she has invited Lily Allen, Charlotte Ronson, Sarah Silverman, and Miley Cyrus to her show in Paris. And by her show we mean the collection she designed. Behold the tweet invite to Miley:

@mileycyrus will you be in Paris this week? would you like to come to the Emanuel Ungaro show for the new collection i’ve designed love? xo*

And if that’s not hard enough work for you, know that Lindsay has, again according to her Twitter, just seen her office at Emanuel Ungaro in Paris. “It’s so pretty! I was shocked&so happy I cried!!! A dream come true!” she tweets. This can only mean she has been designing the spring 2010 collection while doing all her other work all around the world. She’s probably sketching from the plane, FedEx-ing fabric samples left and right, dashing from mill to fabulous party to conference call to pattern-maker. She’s taken the slash occupation to a whole new level: high-fashion designer/publicist/tweeter/jet-setter/actress/leggings designer/spray-tan maker/workaholic wonder woman. Hopefully she’s jetting off to Mustique for a few quiet days of relaxation and plush robes after the show, because she has earned it.

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Lindsay Lohan Working Hard at Ungaro in Advance of Runway Show