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Show Us Your Style: Introducing the Reader Look Book

As we prepare ourselves for a week full of parties, shows, and front rows — and the footwear conundrums they all present — we’re adding a new element to our fashion coverage: you. It’s the Reader Look Book: a fashion photo album, simple enough, dedicated to your style. Whether you’re working it for the tents or just plain working it at work, we want to know what you’re wearing and how you’re wearing it. You upload the photos, we’ll create the slideshows, and we’ll all revel in the shared sartorial glory.

So let’s get this started: Using the tool below, upload snaps of what you’re wearing — or of what your friends are wearing, or even a shot of those perfectly cut skinny jeans that the guy in your office is totally pulling off against all odds.

Here’s how it works:

1. Click the box at the bottom of this post to upload the stylish image in question.
2. In the “Title” box, tell us who you are.
3. We want details! In the “Description” field, dish a little if you can: brands, inspirations, thoughts, whatever you can tell us about the fashion we’re looking at.
4. If you want, add searchable terms to the “Tags” field, like words that would be associated with your image (e.g., purple, BCBG, chiffon). Or you can ignore this part altogether.
5. Check the tiny box at the bottom of it all to accept the terms and conditions (no soul-stealing here, we promise), and click “save.”

And that’s it. Easier than getting dressed in the morning!

We’ll quickly approve photos and they’ll be pooled into the Reader Look Book, which will continually update as long as you guys keep uploading photos. Because honestly, you deserve to have your personal style recognized.

Show Us Your Style: Introducing the Reader Look Book