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Tom Ford to Return to Womenswear?

He’s thinking about dresses …

Today might seem like a gloomy, hangover-filled Wednesday. But it’s in fact an amazing day. There is news that makes us so overjoyed, we need to sit before we faint: Tom Ford might be getting back into womensear. Sure, we’ve all heard this little tease of a rumor before, but this time he might actually mean it. He’s seeking funding, people. And that makes it more official. According to Reuters, unnamed sources say Ford is looking for $50 million big ones to kick off his women’s division. Well, go big or go home, right? It seems that after his little dalliance with film, Ford is coming back to his one true love: making sexy, gorgeous clothes for us.

For those of you who can’t remember the halcyon days of his reign, let’s refresh your memory. The keyhole cutouts, the vivid hues, the slits up to there that were somehow still tasteful — Tom managed to rebrand Gucci into a must-wear label. Lest we age ourselves, some of us fondly recall his fall 2003 collection for YSL, filled with sheer fabrics, ruffles, peek-a-boo lingerie, and forties and seventies references. (How au courant.) His return to womenswear will no doubt please many. Now if we can just get Hedi and Olivier their own lines, the universe will be a happy place.

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Tom Ford to Return to Womenswear?