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Victoria Beckham Makes Fug Girls’ Dream Come True

To borrow a phrase from the woman herself, we met Victoria Beckham today and it was MAJOR. It was the best thing that has happened to us so far this Fashion Week, and is probably, in fact, the best thing that has ever happened in the entire history of fashion. Um, have we ever mentioned that we kind of love her?

So we may be biased, but the truth is that Posh is kind of a genius. She’s approaching her new career as a fashion mogul with the exactness of a politician. Although we never personally subscribed to the idea that Victoria is dumb just because she used to be a pop star, or because she is very tan, or has a famous athlete husband — having read all of her books, we know better than that. But because she is, by definition, a celebrity with a fashion line, she risks being lumped in with the rest of those dimwit dilettantes. By giving very intimate showings rather than a big, splashy show or a crammed presentation, Posh has created an opportunity to quite literally prove that she knows what she’s talking about. And, frankly, it’s hard to believe that anyone could come away from a presentation like Sunday’s believing otherwise. Girlfriend is totally on the ball.

Victoria — wearing an adorable frock that made her legs look about a mile long — kicked off the event by personally greeting each guest. As usual, we were completely incapable of being suave and instead stammered something idiotic about how much we love her. Posh was nice enough not to kick us out on the grounds of being unimportant, and instead politely replied that being loved was a nice change. Or something like that. Honestly, we barely heard her. Our brains were collectively screaming, “OH MY GOD, I SAW SPICE WORLD IN THE THEATER!”

After Vicky — we feel like we can call her that now — finished making the rounds, we all sat down to check out her latest. La Beckham essentially narrated the show, providing copious details about each dress: its tailoring and fabric, its inspiration, how it was different from the previous season’s efforts, and what made it particularly special. When the model who was wearing the dress that Victoria herself was also modeling appeared, Posh cracked that “it’s never good to wear the same thing as the model.” She then explained she was demonstrating that “a normal girl” could look as smart in her designs as a model. One of the attendees kindly — and aptly — pointed out that Victoria is hardly a normal girl. She laughed off this remark, but the truth of the matter is that while Posh’s life (and her figure) is certainly exceptional, she does act like someone you could go out for drinks and gossip with: funny and self-deprecating. Sure, this could be a front, maintained for maximum positive PR impact, but we doubt it. Like we said, we saw Spice World in the theater: She’s not that good of an actress. But she certainly is an excellent host. And now that we’re BFFs, we can’t wait to see what else she’s got in her closet.

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Victoria Beckham Makes Fug Girls’ Dream Come True