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Aren’t Sea of Shoes and Her Fashion-Blogging Boyfriend Adorable?

We just learned that 17-year-old personal-style blogger Jane Aldridge, better known as Sea of Shoes, has a boyfriend! His name is Amit and she finally shared him with her fans. Turns out he, like Jane, is a pretty good dresser. In this photo he wears a Rick Owens jacket and Acne jeans and carries a Jil Sander bag. But what’s really cute about them is not that they both have style, but that they both have fashion blogs. However, his blog isn’t a personal-style blog. Why? He’s a person, he’s got style, he’s dating the preeminent personal-style blogger of our time (no, seriously, she has an Urban Outfitters collaboration under her designer belt to prove it).

It’s unclear how long these two have been dating, but back in April, on the one-year anniversary of his blog, Lame Basics, he blogged:

i … thought about turning the blog into my own personal “what are you wearing” log. then i realized constantly taking pictures of oneself everyday is vain and narcissistic and caring that much about what you wear probably relates to some pathological condition defined by pent up attention-seeking emotional issues.

Oh. At least everyone knows it’s better not to ask a lover about their past blog entries.

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Aren’t Sea of Shoes and Her Fashion-Blogging Boyfriend Adorable?