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Beyoncé and Lady Gaga Are Collaborating on a Music Video!

When a creature like Lady Gaga moves into the Diva Complex, longtime residents have two choices: resist beating her crazy orbital hats into her brain with her own disco sticks or join forces for epic diva amazingness the world knew not of. Madonna has done the latter, and now our dear Beyoncé Sasha Fierce is doing the same. Beyoncé has recruited Gaga to collaborate with her on the video for her new single “Video Phone.” Gaga is recording an extra verse on the track. Also, they’re going to wear clothes.

Grazia reports:

According to an inside source, Beyonce will don a feathered dress and Lady G, ‘something wild… the fashion is sick and insane.’ We’ve seen one, leaked, backstage photo of Lady G, wearing a white leotard, elbow length white gloves (very A/W 09) and canary yellow heels.

Whew! Already it’s set to be a much more fulfilling collaboration than that one almost-forgettable song Beyoncé did with Shakira. Instead of out-writhing and out-body-greasing Shakira, she’ll just have to out-weird Gaga. Or she could out-weird, out-writhe, and out-body-grease all at once!

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Beyoncé and Lady Gaga Are Collaborating on a Music Video!