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Bravo ‘Desperate’ for Marc Jacobs to Do a Reality Show

Bravo executives Frances Berwick and Andy Cohen were understandably tight-lipped at the FGI Night of Stars when we inquired about new reality shows under development at the network. “Oh, there’s loads. We’re increasing our original hours every year, so we have a lot of things coming down the pike,” Berwick said before accepting the Fashion Oracle award at the dinner. “We can’t tell you, though, until they get on the air.”

We pressed. What would their dream reality show be? “Oh, we’d love to persuade Marc Jacobs to do one.” Berwick admitted. “That’s what I was just going to say!” Cohen interjected. “We love Marc.” The pair said that after reading in New York that Jacobs was interested in doing a reality show, Bravo got right on it. “I think he got calls from everywhere,” Cohen told us. “And we’ve talked to him about it so many times, and we’re grateful enough that he’s appeared on The Rachel Zoe Project for two seasons,” he added. But then Cohen crumpled: “But we are desperate for Marc — to get him on Bravo.” Berwick enlisted our help: “So if you can score that for us,” she said into our tape recorder, laughing.

If this dream came true, what would viewers get to see Marc Jacobs doing? “Just live his life, his amazing life, and let us shoot it,” said Cohen. “I mean, just go. Just go! Open your eyes, let us put the tape in the camera, and let us go.”

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Bravo ‘Desperate’ for Marc Jacobs to Do a Reality Show