Candy Pratts Price Let Go From; a Dozen Laid Off at Glamour

Yesterday the layoffs came hard and fast at Condé Nast. Glamour let go at least a dozen. They included ten-year staff member Maryellen Gordon and fellow deputy editor Ellen Seidman. Production director Paul Kramer was also let go. also laid off higher-ups, including executive fashion director Candy Pratts Price. Her contract will not be renewed when it expires at the beginning of next year. However, she’ll keep her contributing-editor title at Vogue. Fashion offices across the city are likely to cry into their tea over the potential loss of Candycast, her super-sexy office-lady avatar that periodically espouses wisdom on current fashion trends (Don’t forget the shoe boots this fall! Hopefully yours are python!).

Senior features editor Laird Borrelli-Persson was also let go from (she’ll stay on through the end of the year). The site’s layoffs may have something to do with folding into, though Condé officials are mum on the possibility. So maybe Anna can find a place for Candycast on Which begs another extremely important question: Are avatars Vogue?

Editors and publishers at Condé must cut budgets by 25 percent for 2010 in whatever manner they see most fit, so they can let people go or cut down on travel and entertainment budgets. Self hasn’t laid off any editorial staffers, though editor Lucy Danziger gave up her car service, effective immediately. Maybe she can commute in with Vogue creative director Grace Coddington, who takes the subway to work every day. Let’s hope they won’t be the only two.

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Candy Pratts Price Let Go From; a Dozen Laid Off at Glamour