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Christian Louboutin: Barbie Doesn’t Have Cankles, She Just Could Have Had ‘Thinner Ankles’

A sample of the Louboutin Barbie Diary. Britney “Circus” Barbie?

Continuing Barbie’s relentless invasion of the fashion industry, she’s entered into a multifaceted business deal with Christian Louboutin. Their partnership includes these elements:

1. Louboutin made a hot-pink “Barbie” shoe for real people.
2. Louboutin will customize a Barbie doll and accessories collection.
3. Louboutin helped Mattel create a “diary filled with images of Louboutin and Barbie as they explore the cobbler’s favorite things.” (One such image is pictured here.)
4. Louboutin will be Barbie’s “godfather” for a year.

So, out of all that, Mattel and Louboutin should get about eight cocktail parties to garner even more publicity and celebrate this momentous groundbreaking fashion-doll partnership.

Anyway, Louboutin customized the doll by reshaping her figure — most importantly, her feet. Earlier this week, a spokesman for the designer told WWD, “He found her ankles were too fat.” The feminist blogosphere wasn’t happy about that comment.

Today he does damage control in WWD. He doesn’t think her ankles are fat — he just thinks they could be thinner.

“Barbie’s foot has always been shaped less ‘curvy’ than the rest of her perfect body,” he said. “I just added my little science to Barbie and I’ve been proud to serve her. But fat ankles she didn’t have, she just could have had thinner ankles. That’s all.

If Barbie were a real person, she would measure something like 39 inches in the bust, 18 in the waist, and 22 in the hips. So now that Louboutin has de-cankled her, she’s extra perfect!

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Christian Louboutin: Barbie Doesn’t Have Cankles, She Just Could Have Had ‘Thinner Ankles’