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Donatella Versace Doesn’t Want to Design Plus-Size Clothes

Donatella Versace answered reader questions on Darling Daphne in Chicago wants to know why high-fashion designers don’t embrace plus-size gals like her.

Why do designers typically refuse to design for sizes above 10? This question is not meant to be confrontational; I’ve just always wondered about this. Is it simply a prejudice? Wouldn’t it be a good business decision? I can understand not wanting to start a stand-alone plus-size line, but what about extending sizes to 14/16? We have money, too! —Daphne L. Scott, Chicago

We do offer larger sizes at Versace, but I take your point. I certainly wouldn’t want to do a plus-size line, as I have no problem with women of any size wearing my clothes. I guess some styles lend themselves to being scaled up, while some others just don’t work. Sometimes it can depend on the specific piece.

So she doesn’t want to make larger dresses, but if larger women want to buy her clothes she will gladly take their money. In a genuinely shocking revelation, when asked who she would work for if not Versace she replied, “What if we made very sexy and glamorous Gap? That would be a fun challenge.” Hopefully Patrick Robinson will keep her away. The Gap may have its own set of problems, but making the jeans tighter, possibly studded, is not the solution.

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Donatella Versace Doesn’t Want to Design Plus-Size Clothes