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Estrella Archs Is Ungaro’s New Designer, You Know

Of everyone at Emanuel Ungaro, new artistic adviser Lindsay Lohan is getting the most attention by far. Next would be Mounir Moufarrige, who made what he thinks is the genius idea to hire her, after he saw a bunch of designer clothes strewn all over her place of residence. But let’s not forget that behind every, uh, forward-thinking CEO at every fashion house there is a designer. Estrella Archs, Ungaro’s real leading lady, hasn’t gotten much attention since replacing Esteban Cortazar. Even though she’s the one creating the clothes, which is what this fashion thing is all about. Today Suzy Menkes gives her the spotlight she deserves in the International Herald Tribune. Archs hails from Barcelona and — though she hasn’t appeared in The Parent Trap and Mean Girls and been all over the tabloids for alleged naughty nighttime activities — has worked for Hussein Chalayan, Emilio Pucci, Miuccia Prada, and Nina Ricci. She says her spring 2010 Ungaro collection is “Mediterranean.”

Moufarrige offered this on Lohan:

“Celebrities today attract a lot of attention and having a moving, dancing, swinging, living doll is, we hope, going to bring down the age group at Ungaro while keeping the DNA.”

Indeed, her new 6126 leggings ads would indicate as much. Menkes adds:

Since this was the man who plucked Stella McCartney out of London and placed her at Chloé, watch out for LiLo’s debut.

Nonetheless, Lohan wasn’t at the Ungaro office yesterday. So maybe the first step is watching for her to show up to the runway show on Sunday.

Sister Act at Emanuel Ungaro [IHT]

Estrella Archs Is Ungaro’s New Designer, You Know