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Gilt Groupe Appeases Blogger Upset Over Pricing Blunder

Earlier this week, a Gilt Groupe shopper discovered that a scarf Gilt claimed retailed for $300 actually retailed for $195 at Neiman Marcus. Shady pricing practice or innocent $105 gaff? Gilt responded to the addled blogger who unearthed the price gap:

Hello Vie,

First off want to apologize for the Sofia Cashmere pricing madness. Our merchandising team has been up in arms and have been on the horn with Sofia about being given the incorrect retail value. Oddly enough they did check out Neiman’s, in addition to others for competitive pricing and the scarf never came up. You are a far better bargain shopper!

Glad to hear that despite the cashmere situation you are still a Gilt fan!! We pride ourselves in addressing all our members wants and needs as best we can BUT we aren’t perfect! So thank you Vie for showing us love, flaws and all! Isn’t that what love is truly about???

Perhaps I’ll bump into you at Opening Ceremony as I too am coveting that awesome fur vest!!



The Vie Society responded with a post thanking Gilt, Racked (who brought Vie’s original post to the attention of the fashion-blog-reading masses), and “Hussied-up Divas” who read Vie, adding:


at bargain shopping.

when I’m not at Bergdorf’s.

or Jeffrey or Saks or anywhere-but-Gilt.

Well, if she has time outside of all those hours spent at Berdgorf, Jeffrey, Saks, and her negative-edge pool overlooking the sea in Greece to save poor Loehmann’s scavengers from being duped online, we’re fine with that.

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Gilt Groupe Appeases Blogger Upset Over Pricing Blunder