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Ivanka Trump Turned Down a Job at Vogue

It’s the age-old question in fashion life: How does one get a job at Vogue? Ivanka Trump told Good Morning America how she got her Vogue offer:

I had, like many people, pulled an all-nighter studying for the final exam that I had the next morning. And I receive a call the next morning directly from Anna Wintour, her assistant connected us, etc. — she called my cell phone, so I was a little bit … taken off guard would be sort of an understatement. And she very graciously inquired as to what I was planning to do after graduation, and offered me a position at Vogue, which to any girl, even if you’re not particularly interested in fashion — as life would have it I ended up starting a jewelry collection, and she’s been an amazing supporter of me in my future endeavors. But it was a great honor.

It never occurred to me that I would accept the job because of the focus that I’d had — I’d been at Wharton, I’d always wanted to go into real estate, so that was my path, and I was very polite in my refusal, if you will. But when I told my father about this experience, he asked me several times — several times almost to the point where it was a bit disconcerting to me why he was pressuring me to take the job at Vogue … I was a little bit upset about it.

So, all you interns with fathers who don’t own hotel chains and beauty pageants, toil in the closet doing returns if you want, but know that you’re going about this the entirely wrong way. What you really need are new parents.

Ivanka Trump: I Said No To Anna Wintour’s Job Offer (VIDEO) [HuffPo]

Ivanka Trump Turned Down a Job at Vogue