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Jean Paul Gaultier Made a Baby-Bump Pad for Jourdan Dunn

Jean Paul Gaultier dressed 19-year-old model Jourdan Dunn’s baby bump in a brown padded dome for his spring 2010 show over the weekend in Paris. If we were Hollywood starlets, we’d wear one all the time: gain weight, hide it, and keep the tabloids guessing! And when you’re not pregnant, you can just hide things in there. Like Goldfish and coconut water. Yes, this show was all about practicality.

Gaultier’s show, which Cathy Horyn describes as “funny at times” with the “feeling that nothing was filtered” (and that’s a bad thing?), included lots of underwear worn either over clothing or simply as clothing. As it turns out, Gaultier’s cone bra of the new decade comes with rounded, less severe nipples. Yet another practical approach to dressing!

Clothes that breathe!Photo: Getty Images

The collection also included butt pads worn on the outside, which will be great for those long periods of sitting at football games (ha, psych), religious services, graduation ceremonies, and what have you. But also, it’s a great way to draw attention to one’s posterior while wearing pants, though Gaultier didn’t show them this way. The perhaps least-practical pieces of Gaultier’s collection were the overalls with bras built in. How does one use a bathroom? Much less a gross bathroom at a Madonna or Lady Gaga concert?

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Jean Paul Gaultier Made a Baby-Bump Pad for Jourdan Dunn