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Karl Lagerfeld Likes Clogs, But Do You?

Karl Lagerfeld showed clogs galore in his spring 2010 Chanel show this week. Why, it’s the footwear favored by chefs and nurses! Though Karl’s clogs came, mostly, with towering chunky wooden heels. loves them and justifies their feelings thusly:

What was once reserved for surgeons in the O.R. and argumentative vegans has just been elevated to a new level. Is this Crocs crossover? Well, never mind, either way. If it’s good enough for Karl, bring it on.

We’ve never subscribed to the notion that just because a certain designer likes something, all fashionable people should like that thing, too. We’ve watched enough Rachel Zoe to understand that Chanel makes people crazy. But if didn’t know these were Chanel, would they still love them? Maybe some less fashion-y people out there see these shoes and think of something they saw at Journeys in 1991 by L.E.I. Anyway, if Chanel’s spring show has brought on a jonesing for a wooden clog that just won’t quit, we found a pair by Lucky on Zappos that are available now and only $93. Sure, they’re not exactly the same, but they’re wooden, studded, and real leather.

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Karl Lagerfeld Likes Clogs, But Do You?