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Kate Moss Wears Pajamas As Eveningwear, Shuns ‘Nasty-Sexy’

Recently at Topshop headquarters in London, Kate Moss showed her new collection to the Guardian. She had glitter stuck to her face from the night before and sipped alternately from a glass of water and white wine (love her) while explaining that the new line was all about, “Feature sleeves! Floaty things! Sexy things! That kimono feeling!” By that, she must have been trying to emphasize that the line includes pajamas for the first time.

Last year Moss had her perfect pair of pyjamas made in Hong Kong, but her boyfriend stole them (“Jamie lived in that pyjama top all summer”) so she’s included a silk copy in the new range, which also features a selection of luxe lingerie. “And I’ve test-run all the underwear, too. My boyfriend likes the lot. It’s all very sexy, but not nasty-sexy, glamorous-sexy. Not vulgar. I love the lounging suit, and I do like a pyjama. I wore a pair out as eveningwear in New York once, and there was a massive snowstorm. We couldn’t get a cab, so I had to walk home in them. It was freezing, but they did look good.”

Her aversion to “nasty-sexy” is reassuring for our crusade to get everyone to wear pants and other legitimate forms of bottom at all times that are not dancing around and being a diva onstage. Because if trendy people follow anyone, it’s Kate Moss. But what happens when either (a) Kate markets the underwear and pj’s by wearing them out of the house as clothes and looks “nasty-sexy” doing so (possibly also crazy), or (b) girls around the world looking for a new funky shtick other than tights with cutoff denim shorts and Oxfords latch on to her taste for sleepwear as outerwear with a “nasty-sexy” result? She walks a troublesomely fine line here.

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Kate Moss Wears Pajamas As Eveningwear, Shuns ‘Nasty-Sexy’