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Keep Warm and Toasty With 125 Fall Coats and Jackets

As the temperatures begin to dip past chilly and start to feel more like freezing, it’s tempting to hide under piles of blankets to keep warm. But before you reach for your designer Snuggie, perhaps it’s time to invest in a new coat? Our latest Shop-A-Matic features 125 new cover-ups that will not only keep you toasty, but will make you look good while doing so. Coats can be a big investment, but with 43 options under $200, you can keep cozy while being wallet-friendly. Classic shapes such as the peacoat and parka are sleeker and reimagined in plaids and stripes for the men. Dark colors will always dominate, but when the skies are gloomy, a brightly colored topper might just be the perfect mood booster. Take a look at the full selection and check out our top five picks below.

Buffalo Plaid Coat by Gap
Price: $78
Why We Like It: A sturdy wool coat for under $100 is a great find, and the buffalo plaid makes this a classic.

Knitted Sleeve Coat by Zara
Price: $129
Why We Like It: Knitted sleeves solve the problem of cold arms when wearing a short-sleeved swing coat.

Raglan Coat by plenty by Tracy Reese
Price: $350
Why We Like It: A bold zigzag pattern adds a cheery touch to a cozy cocoon coat.

Tippi Coat by Steven Alan
Price: $495
Why We Like It: A ladylike silhouette and a whimsical red windowpane check pattern are the perfect antidote to winter blues.

Hooded Military Coat by Calvin Klein Jeans
Price: $170
Why We Like It: Casual military-inspired jackets have become a standard fall staple, but this one features a hood that can be thrown on when the wind becomes biting.

Keep Warm and Toasty With 125 Fall Coats and Jackets