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Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Fashion Sugar Daddy’ Is Aware of Her Fragility, and Pays Her Accordingly

Claudia Croft of the London Times was lucky enough to land an interview with Lindsay Lohan that the starlet didn’t cancel, as is her habit. She was in Paris recently to presumably do some artistic advising at Emanuel Ungaro. However, two days before Croft’s interview and a shoot with Ellen von Unwerth at her Paris hotel room, Lindsay had been rushed to the hospital for “food poisoning.” The following night, she hung out with Daphne Guinness at a Mario Testino party. Her hotel room was tidied up for the session with Unwerth, but still strewn with Ungaro clothes, shoes, makeup, jewelry, and a lampshade, and Croft can hardly hide how appalled she is at the spectacle. “Her passport is in here somewhere. She’s been looking for it for days,” Croft writes.

Lohan and her constant, saddening state of disarray are a curious choice to head a “once-revered” high-fashion house. CEO Mounir Moufarrige hired Lindsay after he visited her in L.A. and was impressed with the stew of designer clothes her closet appeared to have vomited all over her living quarters. Croft reduces the relationship of Moufarrige — whose sanity many in the industry are legitimately questioning — to Lindsay as that of a “fashion sugar daddy.” Though last week it was reported that Lindsay is working at Ungaro for free clothes alone, Moufarrige says she’s getting paid:

Lohan appears fragile physically (“the first thing you notice is how tiny she is, then what a large bosom she has,” Croft shares) as well as mentally. When she walked the runway with Estrella Archs after the spring 2010 Ungaro show, her eyes filled with tears. Why was she crying if she didn’t so much as style the collection? Apparently, one journalist crawled on his stomach through the crowd to try to get a quote from her and find out.

Lohan isn’t worried about the show’s negative reviews. She tells the Times:

Paris may enjoy the pleasure of hosting Lohan more in the near future.

“I feel I am on the cusp of something new. I just need to be here more,” she acknowledges. So does she have a plan? “Oh, God,” she says, in horror. “I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t like to think ahead.”

At least she lives in the present. Some people spend years in therapy trying to figure out how to do that.

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Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Fashion Sugar Daddy’ Is Aware of Her Fragility, and Pays Her Accordingly