Louis Vuitton Shows Afros, Moccasins, and Williamsburg’s Favorite Furry Tails

According to WWD’s Twitter page, “Grace Coddington whooped with delight at the first sight” of the Afros Marc Jacobs sent down the runway at Louis Vuitton’s spring 2010 show this afternoon in Paris. You’d think by now people would know not to be late to a Marc Jacobs show, but no. Guests were still milling about on the runway when the first model walked on; she had to push them aside to do her walk. “This is like ghetto fabulous!” Grazia exclaimed. Jacobs describes it as “Street clothes, embracing the hippie-cyber, tribal-punk world.” Aside from the Afros, models wore glittery anoraks, fringed shirts, satin corsets, and denim hot pants over lace-up leggings. None of the shoes were high. Rather, cowboy boots with feathers hanging off of them came with kitten heels, and moccasins were set on metal “peg” heels. But the handbags were truly special.

Photo: Imaxtree

The handbags had giant, fluffy fur tails in various neon shades dangling from them, but this is nothing new to those of you who live in Williamsburg. When we lived there not long ago, a bag with a fur tail dangling off of it was at least a weekly sighting. In fact, there is even a lady on Bedford Avenue who sells hats while wearing a bunny tail pinned to her ass. Marc Jacobs gets his tattoos in Williamsburg; perhaps he’s noticed the neighborhood’s affinity for tails and wanted to bring one of the most hilarious elements of modern hipster fashion to the Paris runway, from which it will eventually trickle down to the world’s most fashion-hungry consumers. Interestingly, while the sheer trend consumed the runways this season, it’s been on the rise in Williamsburg over the past year. So now the entire world may know the sartorial joys of our fair tight-pants mecca. Does this mean designers will be secretly laughing at all of us come fall?

See a complete slideshow of the spring 2010 Louis Vuitton show.

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Louis Vuitton Shows Afros, Moccasins, and Williamsburg’s Favorite Furry Tails