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Olsens Drum Up Excitement for JCPenney Line With Cupcake Truck

Last week we reported that the Olsens are launching a line for JCPenney called Olsenboye. The line will hit 50 select Penney stores (including the new Manhattan flagship) for a limited time on November 6, with the line’s major rollout in 600 Penney stores slated for February. But today, Olsenboye takes to the streets with an aggressive grassroots marketing campaign. An Olsenboye truck will traverse New York giving away cupcakes, balloons, and pins to drum up excitement for the line and coerce New Yorkers into buying select merchandise directly from the truck. So if you’re in the right place at the right time, you could get your first piece of Olsenboye today along with a free baked good.

Apparently, the Olsens approached JCPenney about doing the line. JCPenney executive Liz Sweney said they recognized that the department chain had a “wider reach” and could make them a neat website and Facebook page — even a Twitter feed. Also, they knew the line would not be “Penney-ized.”

While it’s got the Olsens’ spirit, it’s not limited to their size, ranging from sizes 0 to 15. “It’s really important that Olsenboye serves lots of girls,” Sweney said. “It’s not just about girls size zero or one.”

That ought to keep Cintra Wilson away from the launch party.

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Olsens Drum Up Excitement for JCPenney Line With Cupcake Truck