Project Runway Designers Tackle Wedding Gowns
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Project Runway Designers Tackle Wedding Gowns

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Photo: Courtesy of Lifetime
Blue Cocktail Dress With Seamed Detailing
This look was deemed good enough by the judges to send Althea into the next round. We think it’s cute and flirty and probably good for a first date. And since it was the first look sent out, it reminded us just how ridiculous real people are when they try to strut like models.
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Carol Hannah

Photo: Courtesy of Lifetime
Purple Bridesmaid-y Dress With Mismatched Bolero
We actually really liked this dress. The frothiness and tulle layers recall Lhuillier and Vera Wang, no?, which makes sense with Carol Hannah’s bridal expertise. The olive-colored bolero is just a bad idea, though. We don’t really get to hear what the judges think, since she’s quickly ushered into the next round.
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Saran Wrap Bubble Dress
This dyed organza disaster — designed as a dress to go network in — had the judges up in arms. “She looks like tin foil!” says Kors, who we are so glad is back! “It’s like a metallic Hefty bag, cinched.” Mellon even utters those hurtful words “Worst-dressed list.” Christopher looks like he’s going to cry — again — and it puts him in the bottom three.
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Epperson — the Loser

Photo: Courtesy of Lifetime
Pirates of the Caribbean Costume
This dress causes Heidi to have her first “Oktoberfest moment” of the night (she has two), while Mellon says she’s thinking more “pirates wench” and Kors thinks this divorcée’s date is definitely leaving if she walks in wearing that. We think it’s pretty bad, mostly the thick waistband.
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Gordana — the Winner

Photo: Courtesy of Lifetime
Punked-Up Cocktail Dress
Gordana’s biggest challenge was to push herself past her usual “safe” designs. And with this dress — constructed out of dyed lining only — the judges think she did just that. Mellon likes the asymmetry of the neckline and Kors calls it “edgy and chic.” It’s enough to give Gordana the win and the last offer of immunity!
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Photo: Courtesy of Lifetime
MOB Lace Frock
Although it’s, you know, matronly, we actually like this look. Like the judges say, it looks “expensive,” “polished,” “age-appropriate,” and “sleek and professional.” Everyone fawns over it and Heidi even calls it “unbelievable!” Irina looks pretty pissed when she doesn’t win again.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lifetime
Elongated-Crotch “WTF” Trousers With Oktoberfest Top
Is the two-in-one shirt-vest (shest?) really ever a good idea? We think not. Neither are ultra-unflattering, high-waisted, droopy-crotched wool trousers. The ruffles on the top and slight lederhosen feel of the whole thing give Heidi her second “Oktoberfest” moment of the night, and the judges have problems with the look from head to toe. Logan barely escapes elimination. He’s still pretty hot, though.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lifetime
Granola Granny Separates
While Nicolas followed the instructions of his divorcée — she wanted a cruelty-free getup without the use of animal materials like wool or leather — we think it’s straight-up fugly. But since the pants were cut much better than Logan’s (that’s not saying much), it was apparently enough to get Nicolas through to the next round.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lifetime
Basically, a Cut-Off Wedding Dress
Somehow Shirin avoided a tragic Cher "Half Breed” situation (and ignored the wants of her client) by transforming the minimalist polyester wedding dress into a shorter, minimal polyester dress with some stitched detailing. While we think it’s a snooze fest, the judges liked it — even Kors, who admits: “I love a girl who loves a 'Half Breed' moment, let me tell you.”


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