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Diddy Is Going On HSN!

On November 30, beginning at the ripe hour of 11 p.m., the Home Shopping Network will be forever changed when P. Diddy hits the airwaves. Diddy will shill his Unforgivable and I Am King fragrances with the reported goal of selling $400,000 worth of merchandise, and showing the world fragrances can be sold on TV — or, at least, that if anyone can convince the public to buy scents they can’t smell, Diddy can.

“We should own Behind the Fragrance,” [HSN CEO Mindy Grossman] said, paraphrasing the title of the music-biography series.

Since Diddy’s segment will be all about telling a story, he won’t just go on the air and spray his fragrance on awkward models while talking about how fabulous it is. He’ll be interviewed in a talk-show-like format on a specially built set, which you see rendered above (Diddy is our addition — to make it seem more real). Grossman hopes Diddy will bring in a whole new audience. Indeed, if we remember this come Monday after all the drinking we will have done in the past five days, we just might tune in — and we’ve never made an effort to watch HSN. Sean John executive vice-president Jeffrey Tweedy credits Grossman with “turning [HSN] into a hip TV channel.”

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Diddy Is Going On HSN!