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Elle Sold More Ad Pages Than Vogue This Year

Numbers for ad pages for the year 2009 are in. Though In Style sold the most pages among women’s fashion titles for the year, Elle came out ahead of Vogue by 110 pages. Last year, Elle trailed Vogue by 317 pages. This year, Elle only lost 473 pages, while Vogue lost a whopping 900. In Style lost 446 pages, and last year came in 141 pages behind Vogue. Vogue publisher Tom Florio is acting like everything is fine.

“I learned how important it is to lead the market in terms of editorial standpoint, versus heavily discount and use our editors to sell ad pages. What we saw happen this year, which we haven’t seen in a while, is the discounts were approaching 70 percent. Some of the deals that were being done were just crazy,” said Florio in a swipe at the competition’s wheeling and dealing.

Just because Vogue hasn’t given up its taste for the finer things — or the same boring covers with the same five actresses on them month after month — doesn’t mean others won’t.

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Elle Sold More Ad Pages Than Vogue This Year