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Gemma Ward Wants to Keep Modeling and Acting, Go to Yale

Although Gemma Ward’s agent recently said she was done with modeling, sparking speculation that her retirement had to do with her less model-esque weight of late, Gemma says she’s not through with the biz. In fact, she intends to become a double slash:

“I have not ‘quit modelling’ and my fans back home can expect to see me back at work modelling and acting in the new year,” she said in an email to The West Australian.

That’s model-slash-actress-slash-student — an unbeatable slash combination for a 22-year-old. Her mom spoke to the paper as well.

“She’s 22 years old and has worked incredibly hard,” Mrs Ward said. “She’s had a very difficult few years personally and now she’s having a really lovely time doing things she wants to do and enjoying being young.

Momma Ward added that Gemma is considering a three-year Shakespearean acting course at Yale. Don’t forget that Ward earned an Australian acting-award nomination for her role in The Black Balloon. In her down time, she also traveled to Rio de Janeiro to check out the slums “with a view to doing something there in the future,” says mom. Make money, travel, better yourself, make more money, go to Yale, better the world — she’s living the life.

Gemma to return to catwalk in 2010 [West Australian via Sassybella]

Gemma Ward Wants to Keep Modeling and Acting, Go to Yale