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Happy Birthday, Anna Wintour!

Dearest Anna,

We’ve had our ups and downs this past year. But as you turn 60 today, you remain a continued source of inspiration! In the past year, you became a movie star, continued your crusade to let women everywhere know it’s okay to wear the same thing twice in public, and exhibited fierce — but not too fierce — diva behavior at every chance (at least in restaurants). You’re just the kind of diva boss lady we hope to be one day! But also, you weren’t afraid to let your hair down every now and then. Oh, and you got Michelle Obama on the cover of Vogue! And in no way is that less special now that she’s also been on the covers of Prevention, Glamour, and a bunch of other magazines. Mostly because on your cover, she wasn’t wearing a giant waist belt. But this isn’t about her — today is your day. Over here we celebrate birthdays with cupcakes and singing and getting irresponsibly drunk after — possibly during — work. And that is why we need a woman like you — who would do none of those things — in our lives.

Please accept this blogcard, which we specially commissioned from artist Christopher Sauvé, just for you. Happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday, Anna Wintour!