Jesus Luz Now Leads Lucrative Life As a Slash

The week before last, Jesus Luz D.J.-ed at a party in the penthouse of the Hotel on Rivington. This was the night of P. Diddy’s birthday and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show after-party at the classy, illustrious M2 nightclub. But in addition to us, numerous reporters from outlets including the New York Times and Life and Style (who the Times mocked, perhaps out of their own embarrassment by association) chose watching Jesus preen above turntables over mingling with hungry, overly body-shimmered models or drinking Champagne in Diddy’s honor. Because Jesus Luz is the man, the model, the boyfriend of the moment, and now is his time to shine brighter than the gold-leaf letters that Diddy probably had lain in calligraphy on his birthday cake.

So! It’s high time for a serious profile on this increasingly serious, very good-looking fellow. Allow the Times to clear up a few things you thought you knew about him.

• His name is pronounced “Zhay-ZOOSE. Loose.” Like Zeus the Greek God!
• The day of the W shoot on which he met Madonna was the last his agent in Brazil ever heard from him.
• Modeling in Brazil, Jesus made $500 a day. Currently, some places are willing to pay $15,000 for him to D.J. a 90-minute set.
• Madonna doesn’t give him an allowance, he says.
• “I don’t talk about my girlfriend,” he says.
• Jesus doesn’t think of himself as a slash, but a career man. “It’s good to have two careers going on, modeling and I feel good,” he says.
• Before Madonna man-napped him, he had studied Buddhism and yoga. An ex-girlfriend got him into Kabbalah, which he says has made him “strong.”
• … as has working out! Which he does five days a week with a trainer from the Tracy Anderson camp (no word on how awkward that is now).
• He’s friends with Marc Jacobs’s fiancé and fellow Brazilian Lorenzo Martone.
• He really likes us! “I like the strong energy of the people in the city and how they work and run behind your ideals here,” he says. How could we not support a 22-year-old hunky Brazilian slash who ends his D.J. sets with a mash-up of Madonna’s “Revolver” and his own track, “We Come From Light,” while making faces like the one pictured here?

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Jesus Luz Now Leads Lucrative Life As a Slash