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Jimmy Choo at H&M Causes Madness in Shoppers

She totally camped out.

Another H&M designer collection launches, another frenzy ensues, and we all act surprised. But really, we are kind of surprised. Saturday, the Jimmy Choo collection debuted, and people camped out overnight for the chance to get coveted wristbands to be allowed inside. “We’ve been here since eleven o’clock last night. We know exactly what we want. The zebra sandals, the hot pink clutch and the fringe dress,” two-thirds of a triplet set told StyleList. Hundreds of people lined up at the Herald Square store, where the line started at 9 p.m. Friday. Okay, we never thought we’d say this, but they’re just shoes, people. Shoppers were given explicit instructions on how to shop once inside: Groups of twenty would be allowed just ten minutes in the shoe area. So no bloodshed was reported. Yet. In London, it was an even bigger frenzy. A guy actually camped out with his girlfriend, all night. Whoa. Guys do that? Consider our minds blown.

The shoes, of course, are already on eBay, selling for double what H&M is pricing them at, despite the one-style-per-size rule. So if your nearest H&M is sold out (which it is) and you really need a pair, you can shell out some bucks. Or you can, you know, go buy a regular pair of Choos for not that much more.

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Jimmy Choo at H&M Causes Madness in Shoppers