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Lady Gaga at the ACE Awards

Lady Gaga arrived two and a half hours late to the ACE Awards presented by the Accessories Council at Cipriani last night. She wouldn’t talk to reporters, but explained in her acceptance speech for the Stylemaker award, “I had no gloves and I felt like the outfit needed gloves. So [stylist Nicola Formichetti] and I decided to paint me white. Guess that’s what happens when you don’t have the right accessories.”

Meanwhile, Diane Von Furstenberg — who did have the right accessories — explained that she didn’t actually get mugged in Madrid, though she had tweeted about being robbed. “I got pickpocketed. No one attacked me,” she said. “I don’t want to give a bad rap to Madrid, but it was annoying, and I had the stupid idea of tweeting it, and then the whole world knew about it.” She’s new to Twitter, you see.

Also in attendance last night was Marie Claire’s Nina Garcia, who recently finished taping the seventh season of Project Runway (back in New York, thank God). She said she regrets not appearing on the current season more frequently. “It was either missing the Paris shows or being on Project Runway. And I really wanted to see the Paris shows, I think that was very important,” she said. She added that everyone will be back for the next season, like the good old days. As for Marie Claire’s other reality show, Running in Heels? Garcia said it probably won’t return. “One reality show is enough.”

Garcia added that, unlike Adam Lippes’s staff, her interns dress very well whether on TV or not. “We have a lot of interns, and I can tell you. Tip for the interns: Please take notice. We do notice what you wear,” she said. “There’s some girls who come, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, who’s that girl?’” Being able to buy designer clothes doesn’t necessarily impress. “Anybody can go and buy a Gucci outfit or a Prada outfit. What impresses me is when they have style and I’m like, ‘Oh, what are they wearing?’” Garcia added. For those in doubt, Lady Gaga offered a parting fashion tip: “You must always remember, the most important fashion accessory is the condom.”

Lady Gaga at the ACE Awards