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Michelle Obama’s Brooches Are ‘Part of Her Code’

Robin Givhan explores Michelle Obama’s affinity for Moschino in a lengthy article in the Washington Post today — because the world should never accept that MObama wears things because she likes them. Everything and every label she puts on her body means something.

Now, Moschino is unique in that it doesn’t try to piggyback off the publicity opportunity. They let Michelle wear their clothes, notice on the television, and then sit back and remain calm, cool Europeans, rather than e-blast press releases to bloggers like us, who would in turn freak out about the news and tell you. However, Moschino designer Rosella Jardini reveals she can’t help but think about making pieces Michelle would like when putting together their collections. She praises Michelle for not being afraid to stand out, stylistically:

“When women are elected to a certain level, women who’ve dressed in an exciting manner have a tendency to fall into the category of wearing little suits without detail and without personality,” Jardini says. “How we create an image is undervalued. If you take for instance Queen Elizabeth, she’s followed a strict code through life. When you see her, when you think of her, you see the little hats, the colors she chooses. When you think of political figures and how they choose to dress, it should be part of how they create their image.”

“For Mrs. Obama, it really is enough to put on two pins,” Jardini says, referring to the first lady’s choice of accessories. “With these brooches, from Moschino and others, she’s created a character for herself. They’re part of her code.”

Sounds like it’s time for Givhan’s 2,000-word essay on pins and what they mean. Or waist belts. We would very much like a ridiculously long analysis of Michelle’s stash of those.

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Michelle Obama’s Brooches Are ‘Part of Her Code’